MAGICPLUME™ | 720° universal swivel faucet

$19.99 $39.98


No need for a plumber, no need for work. Adaptable to all faucets, MAGICPLUME™ can be used in your bathroom, kitchen, outdoor faucet ... wherever you need.


  • Economical: 40 to 40 percent water savings observed. 70% (compared to a standard tap)
  • Practical at all times: Wash your face, drink or filling bulky containers
  • Hygiene for the whole family: Children love to use it to wash and brush their hair the teeth (no need for a cup and ... much more fun! )
  • Clean: 4 extra lets and ltres before that the water does not reach the outside world
  • Useful: The toilet for your baby or your pet from company really becomes a pleasure


  • MAGICPLUME™ can be installed on the faucets of kitchens, sink faucets, room faucets, kitchen faucets, kitchen faucets bathtubs, toilet faucets and taps of outside.
  • PROFESSIONALS: Suitable for restaurants, hotels, restaurants and laundries and backyards. This product will make all the difference: it is guaranteed to make a difference. so that your customers or employees are 100% satisfied.